"Sanitize BEFORE Utilize"

A unique system that prevents access to any computer UNTIL the hand-disinfection process is performed.


qkCLEAN™ is a touchless disinfectant dispenser that prevents access to the computer UNTIL the hand-disinfection process is performed.

qkCLEAN™ compact and ergonomic dispenser that can be placed conveniently near the user's computer. 

We track usage, time, trends...etc., and alert you of issues and refills via our cloud-based platform.

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Did you know: The Keyboard has more germs than the toilet seat...

Simply put qkCLEAN™ is the only process that will positively guarantee that the keyboard would not be a source of the spread of germs and diseases.  Without qkCLEAN™  every time someone touches the keyboard of your computer, they are in effect depositing millions of germs and microorganisms on it, which accumulate over time from user to user. Even if you are the only one using this keyboard throughout the day, bacteria grows on from use to use. In a public-use computer, such as in the library, office or school, you are in effect touching the germs of hundreds of people that touched the keyboard before you - with  qkCLEAN™ this is no longer a problem.

Here are some sobering facts:

An estimated 1.7 million infections and nearly 100,000 associated deaths each year in the USA alone occur in healthcare-associated infections alone!  ... this doesn't count Corona-Virus related infections.

Cell Phone

25,127 germs per square inch

Desktop Surface

20,961 germs per square inch


13,295 germs per square inch



1,676 germs per square inch

Sneezing into your hands

An average sneeze or cough can send around 100,000 contagious germs into the air at speeds up to 100 miles per hour.

Hand Shaking

An estimate of around 1,500 bacteria living on each square centimeter of skin on our hands.


qkCLEAN™ prevents use of the computer UNTIL it automatically senses and dispenses hand disinfectant to your patrons. It plugs in into your USB port and prevents any use of the computer keyboard and mouse until the disinfections process has been successfully performed.

Guaranteed Usage for your Patrons, Staff and You


The qkClean™ process...


Computer is Locked

When the patron first walks up to use the computer, it is locked by default with your (custom) instructions on the screen.


Unlock via qkClean™ 

qkClean™ touchless sensor detects patron's hand and dispenses a disinfectant to clean all  the accumulated germs.  This is also logged on to your cloud-based platform for future analysis, reporting and trends.


Continue with your work

Once the qkClean™ has been performed, the user is allowed to use the computer.  There are numerous options on how to repeat the process, such as end-of-cycle, after some X period of time, voluntary...etc.,   Of course, we track every unit's usage, trends, time...etc., and alert you when its time to refill.

Innovative Technology

qkClean™ is based on solid and proven technology and comes complete with everything you need to simply plug-and-play.  Once installed, each qkClean™ device is uniquely identified and tracked by its location, so that you can get detailed reports in aggregate as well as on each individual device.  Each qkClean™ system includes:

qkClean™ Dispenser

Our USB-based, touchless qkClean™ dispensers connects to your computer for software control and tracking, it never needs power or batteries.  Each dispenser holds about 12oz (400ml)  of sanitizer.

qkClean™ Software

Simply download and install our software on your Windows-based computer.  You are up and running within minutes.

qkClean™ Portal

From any device, on any browser access your cloud-based portal to get tracking information, set global parameters, know when and what devices approach refill levels and more.

Warranty / Support

You get a 30-day complete warranty with 24/7/365 technical support.  Maintenance plans available for 100% device protection and support.

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Single Unit

qkClean™ System                         
Everything Included

Comes with:
■  qkClean™ Dispenser
■ qkClean™ Software
■ qkClean™ Portal Access
■ Warranty
■ Instruction manuals
■ 24/7/365 Support 
■  Shipping (US only) Included


Multiple Units

Special Offer

We offer significant
volume discounts for 
businesses and organizations.
Our qkClean™ platform is geared
for multiple unit tracking, 
usage, reports, alerts...etc., 
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* Multiple Volume applies to more than 5 units

qkClean™ Portal

Once you purchase, you will received an email from us with credentials to access qkClean™ Portal.  Once logged into the Portal, a wealth of capabilities available to you:


Unit Software


qkClean™ Units


Usage, Counts...


Download Unit Software Now 
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We are currently working on any Windows-based computer and will soon come out with systems supporting MAC OS and Chromebook OS systems.  The qkClean™ Platform can be accessed on any device, including from cell phone, as long as you have Internet access.

Because qkClean™ prevents any use of the computer UNTIL it is disinfected, you are fully guaranteed that the user performed the sanitizing process before they are allowed to use the machine.

qkClean™ can be setup to operate in multiple ways. It can be set-up to prevent usage until qkClean™ has been performed is used either:     
■  On every user-cycle - if it’s a multi-user machine (Ex: public use computers in libraries);

■  Or it can set up to run periodically (Ex: enforce usage every 2 hours) – This option is very popular with single-user, or for in-home computers. Also it is convenient for younger users to periodically force them to clean and disinfect throughout the day;

■  Also other, more advanced and customizable options available, where, for example, a click on an icon or even a special API's can be used to force-start the process. 

Contact us with your specific requirements.

ALthough we cannot publish pricing on the web, please be assured that we are very aggressive supporting our larger-volume customers.  The reason we can do this is because we built our proprietary electronics and dispensers in bulk and it makes our production process that much more cost efficient - we are simply passing the savings on to you.

Absolutely NOT ... although if you want we do provide competitive pricing on refill supplies and also offer an automatic monthly refill order for you at very attractive prices so that the suplies are delivered to you every month (or any other frequency) without you remembering to order it.

We can absolutely work with you to customize our software, portal and even hardware to satisfy your needs.  We have hardware, software and mechanical engineers at our factory ready, willing and itching to do stuff... please contact us with specifics.

Please reach out with any questions, concerns, ideas or requests. We always welcome your input.

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"qkClean™ allows me and my patrons have piece of mind that I'm doing everything I can to promote safety in this day and age"

qkClean™ Supplies

Please contact us to get pricing on purchasing sanitizing and disinfectant supplies in bulk, as well as our auto-renewal delivery plan.